Part # M910 E00 003

The AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device used to detect chemical agents in the form of vapor, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid.

  • Technology
  • The AP4C is a Flame Spectroscopy detector. Flame Spectroscopy is used for the analysis of spectrochemical emissions. The method is one of the most sensitive among all analytical methods: a few milligrams of a sample are usually enough to detect present elements to the extent of a few parts per million or less. In addition, the method is able to detect several atomic species simultaneously, without chemical separations.

  • Detection range
  • AP4C is the handheld detector with the largest range of detectable products. The AP4C does not use a library which can limit the range of chemicals that can be seen. Instead the AP4C looks for all dangerous compounds containing sulphur, phosphorus, arsenic and HNO bonds in order to detect the presence of CW agents and TIC/ TIMs.

    The AP4C is able to detects all Nerve, Blister, Blood and Vomiting agents as well as many toxic industrial compounds and all the precursors of the above chemicals.