• Point chemical detection
  • Are you concern about chemical leak ? Do you need to check drums and pipes? The AP4C handheld chemical detector is a fast, easy to use and inexpensive to operate detector with very little maintenance required and no maintenance, calibration or testing required by the end user.

    The AP4C does not use a library which can limit the range of chemicals that can be seen. Instead the AP4C looks for several elements in order to detect the presence of toxic industrial compounds and toxic industrial materials (TICs/TIMs). All dangerous compounds containing Sulfur, Phosphorus, Arsenic, and / or HNO chemical liaisons can be detected simultaneously.

  • Continuous monitoring chemical detection for fixed sites
  • Protect your facilities and critical infrastructures against chemical agents with the AP4C-F chemical detector. The AP4C-F is installed as a fixed detection and alarm system operating 24/7 up one year without maintenance.