AP4C - Continued

  • Capacities
  • The AP4C technology allows the simultaneous detection of an unlimited number of gases and the identification of the chemical elements that constitute these chemicals.

    It is therefore possible to detect homemade, impure and degraded agents or chemicals that would not fit into traditional libraries of other detectors. These items are thought to be the most likely for a terrorist attack. Moreover, the AP4C will detect new agents that will be developed in the future without needing an upgrade.

    The high sensitivity and fast response time make the AP4C especially suitable to check contamination.

    The AP4C combined as a UC kit which contains the S4PE liquid sampler is also invaluable for post decon analysis. Once an item has been decontaminated (and this includes casualties, the responders themselves or their equipment) utilizing the S4PE liquid sampler will confirm that all persistent liquids have been washed away. Using a vapor only detector cannot confirm this especially in cooler weather where the agent may not be vaporizing. The S4PE liquid sampler can also be used for medical (skin check) and environmental (water contamination) purpose.

    The AP4C has the capacity to work in very severe environmental conditions and the measurements are unaffected by high humidity levels or by the presence of other organic chemical compounds such as paint or diesel smoke. Moreover the AP4C can run in highly explosive areas.

    The AP4C is a fast, easy to use and inexpensive to operate detector with very little maintenance and no calibration, no filters or testing required by the end user.

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